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Julia Bond tells me that the huge amount of attention she has received the first year of her career has made her pussy wet.

Hhhmmm little about me - I was expelled from several schools (never finished H.S.) for not doing my schoolwork. And, I didn't hold many job either. LOL I guess I wasn't very motivated at the time.

At 17 I kinda knew I wanted to explore the world of porn (since school and work wasn't my thing)

I sport two tattoos on my tits - paw prints. I have a "Daddy's Little Girl" on my back one on my back, one on my ankle and another on my belly button. I also have a pieced clit, belly button and another just above my lip.

I'm very big into girls... in fact my first girl experience was when I was 15. I was in a friend's closet and I think there were like four of us together. We kept the door closed and in the dark we felt each other, kissed and licking each others nipples. This believe this was the age that I realized I enjoy sex and essentially became a rebel, a pussy rebel!

And, if you think becoming an adult star is easy, it's NOT! I finally had to learn what it was like to work! Almost 6-7 days a week, doing 2, 3 even 4 scenes a day! I'm pooped! LOL


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Originally from Long Beach, California, Julia Bond entered the adult film industry in 2005 when she turned 18. Many of her films featured her in interracial scenes. She was regarded as a "box cover queen" in the industry for having appeared on numerous DVD covers during the summer of 2005. Her commercial website lists her as having appeared in 34 films.

Julia Bond's MySpace account states her astrological sign is Pisces[1]. According to her commercial website, she has a young daughter. Bond has several tattoos, including distinctive raccoon paw marks (similar to those of the rapper Eve) on her enhanced breasts.

On the 18 May 2005 episode of Jay Walking on The Tonight Show, Julia Bond was interviewed by Jay Leno and asked whether or not she had ever posed nude; as her response Bond displayed an adult magazine she had been the centerfold for. In 2005 she collaborated with DJ Bilal to release a pornography-enhanced mixtape dubbed Sex Sells.

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Goddam, Julia Bond is fuckin HOT. This chick is so in demand right now I couldn't even get her booked for a JOMG shoot. Nope. Couldn't pull it off. Then I'm at the beach kickin it at a surf contest, and who do I see in a knockout bikini? FUCKIN JULIA BOND. To make things even more unbearable, in addition to her tightass body and killer bikini, Julia was sporting her very own hot shades. I couldn't take it. I literally BEGGED her to do a shoot for JOMG. She said she'd do it if I introduced her to a surfer friend of mine who was in the contest. No problem.. introduced her, and two hours later she's in my studio chowing down on a big shiney black dick- still wearing her fucking bikini and shades. How unbelievable is that? To makes things even better, Julia says her favorite animal is a Liger, that they really exist, and my surfer buddy got to bone her that night! What a world..


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porn star julia bond

In just a few short months Julia Bond has become one of the hottest new adult film stars in the industry! With coast-to-coast in- store signings & Feature dancing, 20+ DVD Box covers, magazine features,magazine covers and loads of Press she is ready to be the next big thing! “And you thought James had action!”
Julia Bond has shot with companies such as:
*New Sensations
*Zero Tolerance
*Evil Angel
*Red Light
And many more!

Julia Bond has also been featured in or appeared on:
*18 Eighteen Magazine -cover (Oct. 2005)
*Leg Sex Magazine -spread and center fold (Oct.2005)
*Playboy Radio
*Tonight Show with Jay Leno
*AVN magazine
*Erotica LA
*LA Xpress magazine
Just to name a few!

1. Rap.... Eminem, ludacris, young jeezy, twista, busta rymes, snoop dogg,
dr.dre, yin yang twins, lil Kim, trina, 3 6 mafia, knocturnal, e 40, D12,
2. R&B...Maria Carey, Ashanti, tony Braxton, Olivia, mya, pink, tierrah Marie, Janet Jackson,
3. Rock/heavy metal...Marilyn Manson, garbage, red hott chili peppers, and Limp biscuit, Lincoln Park
3. Jet ski
4. Dance
6. Do anything exciting, fun and crazy!
1. Have my own T.V show
2. Have my own Clothing Line 3. Bungee Jump
4. Meet Paris Hilton
5. Swim with dolphins
1. Mexican food.... Chevy’s, El torito....
2. Italian food
3. Sushi and any seafood.... (I will try anything once if it doesn’t kill me!)
4. Starbucks/ Coffee Bean
5. Anything sweet
6. Anything that has whip cream
7. Chocolate chip scones
8. Butterscotch squares from Sees Candy
9. Two scoop sundaes from Baskin Robins
10. Oatmeal
11. Brown Sugar Pop tarts
12. Dr.pepper...mmmmmmm!
13. Cinnamon twists from Taco Bell!
15. CHEESE!!
16. Cornbread croutons
17. Crunchy M&Ms
18. Cracker Jacks
19. Anything spicy....
20. Extra crispy breasts from KFC
1. PEOPLE! Just kidding
2. CARROWS restaurant don't like the name
3. Dirty dishes
4. Fashion malfunctions
5. Smelly people
6. Mean people.... I AM THE BITCH!
7. Broken nails
8. Stains
9. Chapped lips
10. Tan lines
11. Anything with Lemon


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Julia Bond unexpecdedly appeared on Spunkmouth.com - check it out!
JULIA BOND. Julia fuckin Bond is THE hottest new thing on the porn scene - and we got her just for you, Spunkmouth members With a brand spanking new pair of tits, a body to die for and a drop dead gorgeous facial. What the hell is a chick of this caliber doing in porn?!?! I'll tell you what - she's getting fucked like a cocktoy by some stranger and licking his cum off a plate! Julia didn't seem to like the cum/plate idea and as you'll see at the end of the scene- she ended up storming off in a huff. Ok, nice meeting you!


Julia Bond

julia bond
Age: 18
Height: 5'
Measurements: "34A and I don't know the rest."
Boobjob plans? "I'm getting one."
How big are you going to go? "To a C."
Right away? What about doing young girl stuff? "I don't wanna do young girl stuff."
Heritage? "I'm white."
Education? "I didn't graduate."
How far did you make it? "11th grade I think."


Then what happened? "I got kicked out of regular school and then I went to continuation school and I got kicked out of that, too."
Why'd you get the boot? "I didn't go, I didn't do my work."
Tattoos? Piercings? "I have two tattoos on my boobs paw prints, I have one on my back Daddy's Little Girl, I have one on my ankle and I have one on my belly button. For piercings, I have my clit pierced, my belly button pierced and the Monroe just above the lip."
What jobs did you have before porn? "I worked at an Italian restaurant for, like, a day, and I had another job for a day."
So, other than porn, you've worked a total of two days in your life. "Basically."
Sounds like work went as well as your schoolin'. How long have you been doing porn? "About two months."
When did you turn 18? "February 26."
You didn't waste any time, almost like you had planned this all along. When did you realize you wanted to live a life of porn? "When I was 17 I guess."
After that second day of work? "Yeah."
Where do you draw the line in scenes? "I don't do anal or d.p.s. My anal is very valuable to me."
But all the other kids are doing it! "Not me."
What about double vag? "Maybe. If the money is right."
Girls? "I do girls."
What do you prefer? "Girls."
What was your first experience with a girl? "Girls - in a closet."
How many girls? What closet? Where was I? "I was like 15 and it was in my friend's closet and I think there was four of us. We were in the dark feeling each other and kissing and licking nipples and stuff."
Is that when you realized you had interest in the ladies? "Yes."
When did you first get with a guy? "I think I was 15 for that, too. It was at my house, in my room and it wasn't all that. I would rather have the girls."
Overall would you say that you've been with more girls than guys? "Probably."
Fifteen seems to have been a turning point for you. "It's when I became a whore. I started being a rebel, a pussy rebel."
Who have been your favorite performers to work with thus far? "Nicest, most comfortable was probably Shane Diesel, and girl...."
Who was the tastiest? "Probably McKayla. She was the hottest, too."
What was your first scene? "I think it was for Ed Powers."
Did you do Ed? "Yeah, I did him. I was kinda creeped out, but I did it."
Did he go topless? "No, he didn't take his shirt off."
Most recent title? "None of them have come out yet."
How did you get into this industry? "My boyfriend [Fingaz], his friend's girlfriend was in it. He likes watching me get done. I was going to strip at first, but then I came down here for the interview with World Modeling and I accidentally fell into it."
Next thing you know, you're being smothered by Ed. Not to get hung up on him, but did he give you his patented condom dump? "He did. At least I didn't have to eat that shit."
How many scenes have you been in so far? "Like 60."
In two months?! "I work every day, sometimes twice a day, three times a day, even four times!"
Four times in one day? "Yeah."
You must have been tired at the end of that day. "Yes."
What's your favorite thing about porn? "The attention and the moolah."
What do your parents think of your career? "My dad doesn't know and my mom is, like, ... Whatever.'"
You don't think your dad will find out? "No. I don't care."
You truly are a rebel. "Yep."
Any interesting experiences so far? "I'd never done boy/boy/girl, so that was kinda crazy."
Long range plans? "To become famous. And to start my own production company."